Walking wonderland

Kylie started walking on May 2nd. At first she was just taking a few steps at a time and she would fall over. She didn't seem too interested in walking and would only try it once or twice a day.

Those days are over!! Kylie is walking all over the place now! There is just something absolutely adorable about watching a young toddler walk around. She's still a little awkward looking when she walks and that makes even that much cuter.

So many people have said to me that life gets so much harder once kids learn to walk and I haven't found that to be true! I love that she can walk around now. It makes so many things easier! For example, it is much easier to get her dressed now that she'll stand for me.

I've been trying to record a video of her walking but she just hasn't cooperated so far. I'll keep trying and once I get a good one I'll be sure to share it!


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asiangarden said...

What a cutie! She sure is growing fast!

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