Mortgage Preapproval: Waiting game for the Chungs

After day after day of processing, scanning, signing, and preparing paperwork with our Mortgage Consultant, we have recently finished the initial Home Mortgage Pre-approval paperwork. It was truly difficult of coming home after a long day of work to process paperwork that seemed like doing more work! Unfortunately our quest for a mortgage approval is not done yet.

Now the next step wait!

I will admit that Jimmy Chung is not a patience person (yes, I just spoke from a third person perspective...). I hate waiting for food, pictures to load, games to load, and of course the most recent "hate" of my life, the waiting period for a Home Mortgage Pre-approval Certificate.

If everything goes well, the pre-approval certificate should arrive around the first week of June based on the judgement from our Mortgage Consultant. If the certificate does arrive on the estimated time, me and Sarah will have about 4 months to find and close on a house before the certificate expires.

Our Wells Fargo Mortgage Consultant, Steven has been awesome in helping us. He explained how the pre-approval process works and walked us through on what we had to do.

I hope we get the pre-approval certificate because it truly will change the life of the Chung family altogether (Jimmy, Sarah, Alana, Kylie, and Baby #3!

I will provide more updates as they come! : )

- Jimmy Chung

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