Reflecting on a year with Kylie

On May 5th my little girl turned 1 year old. My Kylie.

Let me tell you a little bit about her…

Kylie is strong willed. Ever since she was 1 day old she knew what she wanted and she wanted it 5 minutes ago.

Kylie is lovable. She has this wonderful smile that could melt any heart. She is just a caring and sweet girl.

Kylie is stubborn. She does not care if all the toys don’t fit into the box, she will make them. Or at least try for half an hour.

Kylie is a comedian. She will do almost anything for a laugh. Blow raspberries, scream, babble, anything! She loves to make others smile.

Oh there is so much more than that but those are some of my favorite traits in Kylie. She is an amazing person. I remember when Kylie first rolled over, sat up, and crawled. She may be a little sister but every one of these events was just as special as if she had been the first born. No matter how many children you have, there is just something special about watching your child explore and learn about the world.

Now, it is hard on many Moms to see their children grow older and I am no different. Bringing her home from the hospital feels like it happened ages ago. She was 9lbs 5 oz with a head full of black hair and huge cheeks. Sometimes it is hard to remember a time when I didn’t wake up to her beautiful smile. This past year has been a joy. There were tough times but they never seem to be remembered in the long run. It’s the laughter and the hugs that we cherish.

I must say that it has been a privilege to raise my Kylie.


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