First pregnancy appointment

This morning I had my first appointment for this pregnancy. It was pretty routine, nothing special. I am seeing a midwife for the first time! I'm excited about that. I hate to say it, but my previous obgyn office was not that great. I loved my Dr. there, but not much else. I talked a bit to the nurse about my care over there and she assured me things would not be the same at this office. This place seems great! I'm sure I'll be in great hands.

My next appointment may have an ultrasound. I'm very excited to find out my exact due date. The current one is January 4th, but it could be off.

In other news, we just recently bought a fish tank and some fish! Alana loves fish so we figured it was time to have some in the house. She goes up to the tank and says "FISH IN THE OCEAN!" When she sees the little goldfish in there. It is very cute! Jimmy wants to get a little crab tank someday, but I'm not too sure about that one! Haha. I've never owned crabs so I'm worried that I won't know how to care for them. Oh well...that isn't anything the good old internet can't fix, right? ;)


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Grace said...

OMG OMG!!! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you guys!!!

asiangarden said...

Wait....your having another one?! Really!? That is so cool! I had no idea!

asiangarden said...

by thge way "three by 23" is pretty cute. lol

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