Walks and Dandelions

Apartment living is limiting..."our" yard is shared by the other tenants and the parking lot is also right next to it. Therefore, we do not play outside much at this point int time. That makes me sad because when I was a child I was outside nearly ALL day running around and having fun! I'd like my girls to do the same.

My solution? Taking walks! On nice sunny days the girls and I go out for a nice walk around the neighborhood. It isn't as much outside time as I'd like, but the walk does us all some good.

Alana loves the walks because she can pick dandelions. She just loves dandelions. I love to just watch her run up to them and smell then with that big smile on her face. Kids are so sweet and innocent. Most people look at dandelions as a bother and just a weed, but kids can see the beauty of a common flower.


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Summer Fun Time!!

Now that the weather is getting nicer it is time for some summer activities!

We went to our first baseball game as a family and it was a lot of fun! It is a local team where collage kids from other states come and play for the summer. We got there early so we could find some good seats and it was good that we did! A woman who worked there came up to us and asked if we'd like a free upgrade to the best seats in the house. Of course we took the offer and instead of being on the side we were right behind home plate!

About halfway through the game a little girl about 5 or 6 came up to Alana to see if they could play together. The seats behind us were empty so the little girl's mom and I set the kids up there with some coloring books and goldfish crackers. Alana had a LOT of fun playing with the older kid. She just kept mimicing her dancing and whatnot. It was cute.

There were fireworks afterwords but Kylie started fussing too much for us to see them. I would have LOVED to get some nice pictures of that! Maybe next time. We are planning on going to at least 1 game a month.


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