3 by 23?

So there I was, in the bathroom waiting for the results of the pregnancy test I had just taken. I looked down and my eyes widened. There they were...

2 pink lines! Baby here you come!

I couldn't believe that we would be having our third child...3 kids by 23 years old! The diapers, the food, clothes, and all other expenses that a baby brings didn't even enter my head at that moment. All I could do was smile as I looked down at that test. The test that changed my life yet again.

Having 2 children is difficult at times. Double the diapers and double the whining can grate on anybody's nerves. It is hard to imagine adding another into the mix, but I know we can handle it. I worry about it so much when I'm pregnant. I always wonder how I'll handle it, but once that baby comes it is almost as if instinct takes over.

Sure, 3 by 23 may be tough, but we can do it! It'll be a busy house, but I kind of like the hustle and bustle of a family moving about. We are so excited to have another baby to love.


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