Sisters at Play

I love how close the girls are with each other. They play together all day long. Of course they bicker and want each others toys, but for the most part they get along great!

I love these pictures of them. They both just crawled into this inflatable car pit that I now use to store the stuffed animals and started showing me some of their favorites. I could just hear a bunch of giggles and happy screams.

Adults can learn a lot from children...I certainly have! We don't need big cars and fancy things to be happy. Just surround yourself with good people and smiles and you'll be rich in life and happiness. This is what I've learned since becoming a parent. The girls don't care if we eat fancy steak or drive an Escalade. They could eat Cheerios all day (not that I let them!!) and walk everywhere and still be happy. They are amazing.


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Grace said...

They are great aren't they?? Our boys get along for the most part and yes, they fight over toys here and there, but that's normal!!

You have such beautiful girls!!

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