Holiday Weekend

Our 4th of July wasn't too eventful. We still don't know many people over in this area so we haven't had any big get togethers like we would probably have done had we been back at home.

Instead we cooked some burgers and dogs at home for lunch. My husband makes GREAT burgers! He cooked some onions right into them and it was way too yummy.

Later in the day we had planned to head out to the fireworks show at the big local park. When we got there there were SO many cars already. We couldn't find a spot. Events also seem to bring out the crazy in people so, sadly, we gave up on the fireworks and went to go play at another smaller park.

There was no one else there and we had a lot of fun running around and having the park to ourselves. It was great. Kylie loves to swing and Alana is becoming more daring on the playground. She used to want to hold my hand when climbing up, but she wants to be a big girl now!

It may not have been the festive 4th of July that I would have wanted, but we still had a great day spending time together as a family. That is what really matters.


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Grace said...

Great pictures you two!!

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