Walks and Dandelions

Apartment living is limiting..."our" yard is shared by the other tenants and the parking lot is also right next to it. Therefore, we do not play outside much at this point int time. That makes me sad because when I was a child I was outside nearly ALL day running around and having fun! I'd like my girls to do the same.

My solution? Taking walks! On nice sunny days the girls and I go out for a nice walk around the neighborhood. It isn't as much outside time as I'd like, but the walk does us all some good.

Alana loves the walks because she can pick dandelions. She just loves dandelions. I love to just watch her run up to them and smell then with that big smile on her face. Kids are so sweet and innocent. Most people look at dandelions as a bother and just a weed, but kids can see the beauty of a common flower.


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Grace said...

Beautiful girls!! And you are so right about dandelions - I think of them as weeds yep... but the kids think they are pretty!

Squeaksdaddy said...

Truly beautiful little girls you have there...You're very blessed. And as far as the dandelions go...Thanks for giving me a heads up. My daughter's only 7 months old, but I'm sure she'll love them when she's older too...So I guess I'll stop weeding my lawn now. Purely for her enjoyment, of course :)


Blessed Couples said...

Hi, just came across your blog and see that you got 2 beautiful daughters.

Can I add in to my blog too?

Jimmy Chung said...

Thanks! We would like to follow your blog as well!

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